Collection: Towel Pro

 The Towel Pro has all the benefits of the Club Scrub Pro with the added bonus of extra material to give the look and functionality of a traditional golf towel

  • WATERPROOF liner gives you effective clean without the mess. Add a 1/4 cup of water to the club scrub before your round and enjoy a clean club with every stroke.
  • Waffle-Weave exterior stays dry all day and can be used to dry and polish your ball and clubs after washing with the Club Scrub.
  • CLEAN FACE TECHNOLOGY The Club Scrub Towel Pro utilizes Clean Face Technology that gently cleans your clubs and balls without scratching the surface to ensure proper contact, spin, flight, and roll with every stroke.
  • DETACHABLE CLIP provides easy access to the Club Scrub Towel Pro while on the putting green.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE Simply turn the Club Scrub Towel Pro inside out and run it through the washing machine with laundry soap or give it a quick rinse with clean water. Air dry only.