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USA Made
Freaking Fantastic

I love the Club Scrub

Clubscrub - All Variations
Donald Seckinger


Best golf accessorie

One of the best purchases I've made in a while. Amazing product for any golfer. Got one for my self. Then bought two more for my grandpa, and uncle. I use it every time im out on the course

Great Item

I think this item is a valuable addition to my bag

Effective and high quality

Really enjoy this product. Didn't want a brush because it's hard to clean a ball with a brush. The Club Scrub cleans clubs and grooves very well, and is great for balls, too. Wide mouth makes it very accessible for quick cleaning. Got it on sale so even better!

USA Made
Russ McDuffie
Repeat Customer

I bought an original Club Scrub almost 3 years ago, and finally wore out the inside. Replaced it recently and love the new material design on the inside of the pouch. This is a great product, much better idea than trying to keep a towel wet for a full round here in the hot and dry Southwest.

So convenient and effective

When playing desert golf, you wet your towel on the first tee and by the time you are at the third green the towel is dry! The Club Scrub gives you the convenient tool to always be able to clean both your ball and your club. I bought one for my wife and one for myself. Highly recommend.

Nice cleaner

Easy to use and like the way it clips on my bag

Great product!

Purchased this handy gadget for my husband and it works great. No mess and I get to use it too ;)

Great product

Works fantastic. Would definitely recommend to every golfer

New Clubs

Bought a Club Scrub for my new PXG Black clubs. Works extremely well.
Highly recommend the product.

Cleanest Clubs In Town

One word…Perfect!

Great gadget. Very pleased

Never knew I needed this!

100% my favorite golf accessory

Works as advertised

I've used the Club Scrub a couple of times now at have been pleased with the results. It easily keeps my clubs clean out on the course. No need to wash the clubs at home anymore.

Clubscrub - All Variations
George Bedenbaugh
Great Add-On to Any Bag

This is great invention and makes cleaning clubs and golf balls super easy. It is quick and does not take but a few seconds to use during play. Well made, no leaks, and easy to clean when finished.


This does a great job. Cleans all the groves in my clubs

Clean balls & clubs

The club scrub is so much better than a club brush or towel. I am able to clean my clubs or ball without getting my hands dirty or wet. Definitely need with every bag.

Clubscrub Pro
C Riley

Pouch stays wet all day, outside stays dry. Great for clubs and balls. I put mine onto a lanyard with a magnetic attachment so it can hang from the cart… quick scrub between holes and my clubs are clean as can be. Worth every penny!

One for me and one for a friend we love them works great on clubs and balls no more wet towels 😊

Got one for me and one for my husband. I wish I would have ordered these sooner. We both love it. Cleans both clubs and balls with ease. I'll never be without one again!

Best product and company


So happy with the Clubscrub! Love the magenta pink color too!!!

Works and cleans great. Just as advertised


I've used the frogger golf towel for years now. It works pretty good, but it's a hit or miss with quality. This CLUB GLOVE is amazing, easy to use, and cleans the grooves really well. I use it for my golf balls as well.