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Clubscrub - All Variations

Absolutely love this thing. I recommend it to everyone I play with.

Blue - Classic
Ed Duffer
Great value and great idea

My buddy bought one, I went home and ordered mine after he let me try his.

Blue - Pro

in love.

These are wonderful

I have now purchased four of these. I got rid of the club / ball washer on my golf cart and went with two of these. Super easy to keep clean and works perfectly on clubs and balls.

Great Club Cleaner

Very Hand y and better than having a wire brush works great and can also use it to clean yout golf balls

Black microfiber

Awesome. Clubs are always clean ,great product!

Digital Camo - Classic
Kevin Walters

Love it


Excellent product! My only regret is that I didn’t think of it first

Black - Classic
Patricia Gerlach

delivery received and everything is OK

Works very well. Holds water, does not leak all over your bag. Highly recommend

Nice Club Cleaner Bag

I would have given this a 5 star but I think it could use another clip at the other end to keep it more upright. However, this bag is a great addition to my golf bag. I used to carry a wet towel attached somewhere on my bag to wipe off my clubs and golf balls. I could never keep my towels wet for the entire 9 holes and at the turn, the only place to wet my towel was in the bathroom. The Clubscrub just solved all those problems. I even put a few drops of dawn in there for a little soapy water. The exterior stays dry and the water stays inside. It's very easy to clean both my clubs and golf balls. When I am done, I just turn it inside out and it dries pretty quickly. This bag is so nice, I am ordering several more for my golf buddies birthday presents.

Black - Classic
Raquel Turner
Had to have my own

My husband has a Club Scrub and I use it a lot when we are together, but on the few times that I golf without him, I hate being without it, so I ordered my own.

Ball club cleaner

Awesome product works well. No need to worry about club/ ball cleaners at the course.

Club Srub , it just works

This is a really great product. I play over a 100 rounds a year. It’s so nice to be able to clean my new irons after every shot. No hard rubbing , no scratching, quick , easy and clean . Also used to clean my ball before teeing off. So many courses the ball washers just suck if they work at all . I’m very happy with this product and have recommended it to my friends .

Pink - Classic
Debra Tiffany
Everyone wants one

I get a lot of compliments and questions about my Club Scrub and recommend it to everyone. No more trying to keep a towel wet through 18 holes, and I can skip the cart guy at the end of the round. With so many courses getting rid of ball washers it’s great to have the Club Scrub handy.

Great product

Highly recommend purchasing a club scrub and replace your old club brush. The brushes get the job done no doubt but this cleans the clubs and golf balls so much easier and barely needs any water. More more getting a towel wet that drys up after a few holes because the little bit of water you put in works through the whole round .

Red - Classic
Andy LaCombe
Worth It

I have been playing golf for a long time and have always used a towel with part of it that I would wet so that I could clean balls or clubs during the round.

The problem is that the towel will dry quickly if it is windy and would have to be re wet during the round - that was not too bad when courses used to have water coolers or fountains.

The club scrub just take a bit of water prior to the round and it stays wet for teh whole round. I make sure to clean off major dirt prior to putting a club or ball in the club scrub, then it is super easy to clean them and then use the towel only to dry the club or ball.

So far so good - nI am a big believer now after a few rounds. You just need to empty any water and turn the club scrub inside out after the round so it can dry.

Black - Pro
David Anaka
Club scrub pro

Does as advertised works well have only used it once but I like it

Clubscrub Pro Models
Scrubber works

One of the few golf gadgets that really works

Clubscrub - All Variations
Maynard Newman
Club Scub

Received the club shrub in a very timely manner. Only used it once but really liked it. Works exactly like advertised.

Clubscrub - All Variations
Doug King

Should have bought it sooner.

Clubscrub Pro Models
Chuck Feigley
Big Fan!

This exceeded my expectations! Great little product. Does great job cleaning clubs and balls. Highly recommend!

Clubscrub - All Variations

As described! Working great 👍

Clubscrub - All Variations

Color, quality and design

Clubscrub - All Variations

Everything about it. The quality and design of the product