Club Scrub Neoprene golf accessory. Replace that old golf towel that just gets dirty and dries out. The club scrub stays wet the entire round, keeping your hands & clothing clean dry while keeping your clubs & balls clean for best performance & longevity.
The Club Scrub Neoprene golf accessory is easily removable so you an clean your balls on the green. It stays wet on the inside for the best clean and dry on the outside to keep your glove, hands and clothing dry and clean.
Club Scrub comes in a variety of colors to match your style and your equipment, providing a clean look that replaces that muddy and soggy golf towel you were using before.
Club Scrub Cleans your clubs spotless and most importantly cleans the grooves that create the spin you need to set your ball right where you want it.

Better Clean = Better Game

Clean Golf Balls

Clean Look

Clean Clubs

Club Scrub Neoprene Club Scrub Neoprene

Introducing Club Scrub

Club Scrub is the ultimate golf accessory created to help serious golfers take their game to the next level. Our products stem from a personal habit of cleanliness combined with a passion for improving our golf game.

Wet golf towels can sog and soil your bag and everything it comes in contact with and they often dry out during your round. The Club Scrub stays dry and clean on the outside while retaining it's moisture on the inside where you need it. Special abraisive fabrics inside the Club Scrub work into the face, sole and cavity of your clubs ensuring the cleanest swing and contact.


Our products are proudly made in the USA using carefully selected & heavily tested textiles that ensure the best cleaning performance and ensure your hands, glove and clothing stay dry and clean.

Why Club Scrub

Club Scrub is the ultimate golf towel replacement for golfers looking to bring their game to the next level.

-Never dirty or wet your hand or glove

-Cleans clubs & balls much better than a towel

-Leak proof liner ensures the inside stays wet & the outside stays dry

-Quick release clip for use on the green

-Proudly made in the USA

Made in the USA

Our products are proudly made in and shipped from the USA

Company Guarantee

We stand behind our products and have no doubt that you will love the Club Scrub. In fact, we're so confident that if you don't love it after 30 days, you can send it back to us and we'll refund your purchase! 

Golfers Love It!

I love the Neoprene model. I will never not have one on my bag!