Clubscrub Pro Models

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What's the difference between the Pro and the Regular Club Scrub:

The Pro club scrub has a microfiber exterior rather than the neoprene.


      • Microfiber exterior - best for drying
      • Stays wet on inside
      • Remains dry on the outside
      • Speed detaches for cleaning ball on green
      • Ensures proper contact, spin, flight, and roll
      • Increases iron and putting confidence

      All clubscrub’s, Have Clean Face Technology that scrubs without scratching and a  waterproof liner that stays wet on the inside and dry on the outside. With a sharp-looking microfiber exterior, instead of neoprene for a little better dry and polished, clubs and balls.

      No Buyers Remorse here ! Clubscrub’s Guarantee !
      If you don’t agree clubscrub is the best, most effective way to clean as you play, We will refund your money.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 60 reviews
        chris Reasoner

        As a club carrier this is the perfect way to keep balls and clubs clean without messy towels

        Jeff Polinori
        The best golf accessory I’ve ever bought!

        All my golf buddies have one!

        Simple and Very Effective

        This is something you’ll use after every shot on the course. Clubs stay clean while you’re playing instead of having to clean them all after the round. Flip the bag inside-out after the round, wring out the water, and let it air dry. I’ve already bought another as a gift.

        Paul Hanlon
        Great customer service

        My first order was messed up a little and they did everything to fix it without hesitation. That's what matters!! And the product is awesome!!

        Michael Kolter

        Great product, works great and it looks even better on a golf bag.