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Club Scrub


Golf clubs are the heart of the game. Without the right club, whether it be a putter, driver, or iron, you just won’t make it. Not only that, if your club isn’t perfectly cleaned with the right golf club cleaner, you will struggle. There’s no question about it.

Old Rag and Wire Brush?

If you're still using the old stuff, you'll be dealing with:

 - Poor contact with the golf ball 
 - Poor flight 
 - A gross club dirtying your bag 

And all that leads to a poor game. Club Scrub is the perfect solution. Our proprietary scrubbing material quickly cleans your golf clubs, without scratching them. You no longer need to carry around a stinky rag and a wire brush. Take care of it all with the Club Scrub. 

Why Club Scrub?

That New Club Feeling

There’s nothing better than that new club feeling. What if I told you you could feel that every time you went to the course? That’s the Club Scrub promise; we’re the perfect golf club cleaner that makes you feel like you’re playing with a brand new set of clubs every time.

Quick and Easy to Use

The Club Scrub is designed for easy use on the green. The quick-release clip keeps it sturdy on your bag but ready to use. The neoprene lining makes the water stay where it’s supposed, on the inside, and keeps it off your hands. Don’t go up to your next shot with wet hands; we’re here to make you have the cleanest game possible.

Cleanest Game Possible

Not only that, the unique interior cloth gets every nook and cranny on the ball, making your club as good as new, and making your game as clean as possible. All in all, how can you not say that the Club Scrub is the best golf club cleaner? 


  1. Does the Club Scrub clean golf clubs? 
    Yes, absolutely yes. Club Scrub is the best golf club cleaner you will find. Not only that, but the Club Scrub can also take care of cleaning golf balls and cleaning up your game.
  2. Will the product scratch my equipment? 
    The Club Scrub has been extensively tested and causes no damage to equipment. It may be hard on dirt, but it’s soft on your equipment. 
  3. Does it get moldy? 
    As long as you ensure proper care (flipping the Club Scrub inside out once you’re done playing) you don’t risk any mold showing up, which is more than golf rags can say. 
  4. How many rounds does it last? 
    The Club Scrub is guaranteed to last 80 rounds of golf (ensuring normal use).  
  5. What colors can I get the Club Scrub in? 
    The Club Scrub is available in black, gray, camo, red, blue, hibiscus blue, and hibiscus red. 

Clean Clubs, 
Clean Game


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