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Gray - Classic
Love it

Works great!

Perfect fit.

Bigger and better than I expected. Cleans clubs with ease.

Black - Pro

This thing works. Everyone in my foursome has ordered one.

Black - Pro

Awesome product! I bought 3 for my sons and friends. Worth every penny!!

Black - Classic
Works great.

Does exactly what it says it will. Great product. Easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

Love it!

Stays wet for all 18 holes!

Black - Pro
Anthony Tranter

Quality, fast shipping

The golf tool I didn't know I needed

Learned about this through the golf club at my work; they did a custom-branded version. Love the convenience of having it right on my bag and it works so much better than a wet towel.

Black - Classic
Randall Smith

This might be the best thing I have on my golf bag! It exceeds expectations!

Great product!

Works great! Such a simple idea. Clean club for every shot and keeps my towel cleaner. No more need to use a disgusting or broken ball washer.

Clubscrub - All Variations

Absolutely love this thing. I recommend it to everyone I play with.

Blue - Classic
Ed Duffer
Great value and great idea

My buddy bought one, I went home and ordered mine after he let me try his.

Blue - Pro

in love.

These are wonderful

I have now purchased four of these. I got rid of the club / ball washer on my golf cart and went with two of these. Super easy to keep clean and works perfectly on clubs and balls.

Great Club Cleaner

Very Hand y and better than having a wire brush works great and can also use it to clean yout golf balls

Black microfiber

Awesome. Clubs are always clean ,great product!

Digital Camo - Classic
Kevin Walters

Love it


Excellent product! My only regret is that I didn’t think of it first

Black - Classic
Patricia Gerlach

delivery received and everything is OK

Works very well. Holds water, does not leak all over your bag. Highly recommend

Nice Club Cleaner Bag

I would have given this a 5 star but I think it could use another clip at the other end to keep it more upright. However, this bag is a great addition to my golf bag. I used to carry a wet towel attached somewhere on my bag to wipe off my clubs and golf balls. I could never keep my towels wet for the entire 9 holes and at the turn, the only place to wet my towel was in the bathroom. The Clubscrub just solved all those problems. I even put a few drops of dawn in there for a little soapy water. The exterior stays dry and the water stays inside. It's very easy to clean both my clubs and golf balls. When I am done, I just turn it inside out and it dries pretty quickly. This bag is so nice, I am ordering several more for my golf buddies birthday presents.

Black - Classic
Raquel Turner
Had to have my own

My husband has a Club Scrub and I use it a lot when we are together, but on the few times that I golf without him, I hate being without it, so I ordered my own.

Ball club cleaner

Awesome product works well. No need to worry about club/ ball cleaners at the course.

Club Srub , it just works

This is a really great product. I play over a 100 rounds a year. It’s so nice to be able to clean my new irons after every shot. No hard rubbing , no scratching, quick , easy and clean . Also used to clean my ball before teeing off. So many courses the ball washers just suck if they work at all . I’m very happy with this product and have recommended it to my friends .

Pink - Classic
Debra Tiffany
Everyone wants one

I get a lot of compliments and questions about my Club Scrub and recommend it to everyone. No more trying to keep a towel wet through 18 holes, and I can skip the cart guy at the end of the round. With so many courses getting rid of ball washers it’s great to have the Club Scrub handy.