Club Scrub Neoprene - Floral Hibiscus

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Bring some laid back vibes to your golf game with our Floral Hibiscus print Club Scrub. Part of our top shelf Club Scrub Neoprene Collection. Not only is our Neoprene Club Scrub the best, lightweight golf accessory for cleaning your golf clubs throughout an entire round of golf, but it's even better looking, stronger and more resistant to sunlight, weather on oils than traditional fabrics.

  • Abrasive inner pad for the toughest clean
  • Stays wet all day for the best clean
  • Remains dry on the outside
  • Easily detaches for play on the green
  • Ensures proper contact, spin, flight and roll 
  • Increases the longevity of your equipment
  • Proudly made in the USA

The patented and innovative design for the Club Scrub has an exterior layer of neoprene, a middle water proof layer, and an interior layer of terry cloth for the best replacement to the traditional golf towel. Club Scrub's inner terry cloth lining is able to be saturated with water while the outer layer remains dry, and provides every golfer an easy solution to clean the club while keeping their hands dry. Easily clean your clubs or golf balls without getting the rest of your equipment wet and dirty, then play with confidence knowing that your equipment will work as it was designed and intended to. 

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Great Product, I bought 2!

Really wanted to Blue Hibiscus, but Buzz mentioned they are out of stock, ordered the red and have been pleased. Gave my first one to my daughter and ordered this one for myself. Gets the clubs clean during the rounds and don't have to waste time afterwards cleaning clubs, I'm all cleaned up after the 18th green.