Clubscrub Pro

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What's the difference between the Pro and the Regular Club Scrub:

The Pro club scrub has a microfiber exterior rather than the neoprene.


  • Microfiber exterior - best for drying
  • Stays wet on inside
  • Remains dry on the outside
  • Speed detaches for cleaning ball on green
  • Ensures proper contact, spin, flight, and roll
  • Increases iron and putting confidence
  • Proudly made in the USA

No Buyers Remorse here ! Clubscrub’s Guarantee !
If you don’t agree clubscrub is the best, most effective way to clean as you play, We will refund your money.

All clubscrub’s, Have Clean Face Technology that scrubs without scratching and a  waterproof liner that stays wet on the inside and dry on the outside. With a sharp-looking microfiber exterior, instead of neoprene for a little better dry and polished, clubs and balls.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Thomas Koviak
    Club Scrub

    This is an awesome product, it does an excellent job on getting the clubs super clean and also works great on cleaning golf balls. Just add a little water and the magic happens. My only suggestion is to have a small towel to dry the club off after cleaning. I highly recommend Club Scrub.

    Barry Kochel
    Clean clubs and balls

    Club scrub bag is a golfers dream
    Put a small amount of water in the bag and your ready to go. Easy to clean your clubs and balls of dirt. Highly recommend

    David Armstrong

    Works as described. Does a great job cleaning the grooves, and keeping the golf balls clean. A welcome addition to my bag!

    kent mosby
    Great for Sims

    I love having this on my bag for outdoor rounds. I no longer have to wash all my clubs when returning to play indoors. The clubs are already clean.

    A must have on the bag!

    Just as advertised. This thing is so simple and effective, it's insane that it hasn't gotten more hype. It just works. Clean clubs and golf balls all round long.