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No Buyers Remorse here ! Clubscrub’s Guarantee !
"If you don’t agree clubscrub is the best, most effective way to clean as you play, We will refund your money."  We are A Utah based company our phone number and email is on our contact page. Along with all of our great reviews below !

Clubscrub Pro has all of the phenomenal features of the Clubscrub, Clean Face Technology that scrubs without scratching, waterproof liner,"wet inside and dry on outside" With a sharp-looking microfiber exterior, instead of neoprene for a little better dry and polished, clubs and balls.

  • Microfiber exterior
  • Stays wet on inside
  • Remains dry on the outside
  • Speed detaches for cleaning ball on green
  • Ensures proper contact, spin, flight, and roll
  • Increases iron and putting confidence
  • Proudly made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Brett Lau
How it works

I thought it works great was definitely impressed with it !!!!

Fred Goodman
Great Item

Works great to clean my clubs

Mark Chelak

AWESOME product that keeps your clubs clean throughout the round!

Jeff O'Connell
Great product!

So I bought the original club scrub, but unfortunately the interior cloth tore & left a big hole after about 6 to 8 months of use. I contacted the company asking about the issue, they were very apologetic, explained the issue & wanted to make it right. I received their new version and put it to work right away. The new design is 100x’s better, works great on all my clubs & does the job better then before. If you want clean clubs on the spot, this is perfect tool. Great job y’all!!!

Nick Manzie
Pretty close to being great!

When I first saw this product, I thought, “just another gimmick product.” But then I played a round after a nasty rain in Florida and wish I had something to really clean my clubs. So I purchased this. Now I use it every round I play. My clubs look great, the grooves stay clean. I no longer need to rely on a golf course to provide ball cleaners either. I have it all, hanging on my bag.
I gave it only four stars for one reason… it’s big. I wish there was a smaller version of it.