Club Scrub Neoprene - Golf Club and Ball Cleaner

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The Club Scrub is the ultimate golf accessory for cleaning your clubs and balls. Lose that dirty old golf towel that's sogging your bag and get a superior clean on your equipment without getting your hands, clothing and glove dirty and wet. 

  • Abrasive inner pad for the toughest clean
  • Stays wet all day for the best clean
  • Remains dry on the outside
  • Easily detaches for play on the green
  • Ensures proper contact, spin, flight and roll 
  • Increases the longevity of your equipment
  • Proudly made in the USA

The patented and innovative design for the Club Scrub has an exterior layer of neoprene, a middle water proof layer, and an interior layer of terry cloth for the best replacement to the traditional golf towel. Club Scrub's inner terry cloth lining is able to be saturated with water while the outer layer remains dry, and provides every golfer an easy solution to clean the club while keeping their hands dry. Easily clean your clubs or golf balls without getting the rest of your equipment wet and dirty, then play with confidence knowing that your equipment will work as it was designed and intended to. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Pierce Cho
Works exactly as advertised!

This this thing! Stays wet the whole round, and no mess and best of all no chapped fingers from touching a wet towel. Thank you.

Johnny Williams

This stylish pouch is perfect! Wives, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift, I would highly recommend this product!

Thanks Club Scrub!

Awesome Product

I've been able to use this one time now and it is great! It is so nice not to have to worry about getting your glove hand wet. I got one for myself and a friend for his birthday and I'm going to get two more for Christmas gifts.

Shelley Jackson

My husband LOVES it! We both used ours and they are the best purchase ever!

Paul Bechtold
Clubs are clean

Clubscrub worked really well keeping my clubs and golf balls cleaned without getting my hands wet.